Per-directory quotas

Richard R Morgan richard at
Tue Aug 15 22:15:26 GMT 2000

We are running Samba right now to provide user home directories to
Windows users.  We are using basic user quotas on the /home partition to
limit disk usage.

But, soon we will be adding additional directories, user, and groups to
allow data sharing among 'workgroups'.  We will still need to limit disk
usage, but doing this via the rather crude group quota system won't do.  

Has anyone seen or used a tool to manage quotas on Linux on a
per-directory basis?   It can be open source, or proprietary, or

Or is there anyway in Samba to manage the size of share somehow?

The NT guys absolutely are beating me over the head about this, as
several 3rd party tools exist to do this on NT.

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