Working Fine - Suddenly Not

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Mon Aug 14 17:21:36 GMT 2000

Kirk Shimek wrote:
> Hello All,
> AIX 4.3.3 / Samba 2.0.6
> Have had no problems in months accessing shares / using SAMBA.  This morning users
> called to say that they cannot connect.  Stopped and restarted the NMBD and SMBD
> services.  smbstatus shows no issues.  Log files show users attempting to connect but
> no errors as to why they get the message "\\<server_name> is not accessible The session
> was canceled".  Issued the smbclient //<server_name>/share -U guest.  After prompting for
> a password is simply states that the "session setup failed".   Is there anyone out there that
> recognizes these symptoms and knows a potential solution.  Or even if I should implement
> a debug level and what the best debug level would be?

We need to know at least:-

What the client OS is, what security level is enabled, domain or
workgroup environment, WINS/server, no WINS server. Session setup failed
means that the negotiation failed, which suggests to me that your name
resolution is OK, os nmbd should be fine, but Samba is not accepting the
session. Without more info, it's impossible to tell why. Whack loglevel
up to about 3, and send some log excerpts to the list too.



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