samba problem...

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Aug 13 18:19:54 GMT 2000

[Gurusankarnath, Rajinikanth (CTS) <RAJINI at>]
> " Account is not authorised to login from this workstation".
> But i didn't specify any restrictions 

It's impossible to be certain, from the amount of information that you
gave, but it sounds like you need to read ENCRYPTION.txt and apply the
plaintext password registry hack.  It's all in the docs; go forth and

> I am listing my smb.conf also here as a document file. Please help me
> in sorting out this issue..

By "document file" you seem to mean "Microsoft Word document file".  Is
this how narrow-minded we have become?  What makes you think any of us
have Microsoft Word installed?  Even if I wanted it, it is not
available for any of my preferred platforms.  Whatever was wrong with
including smb.conf all by itself, sans proprietary format which few of
us can read?


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