jsauerborn at jsauerborn at
Fri Aug 11 15:00:32 GMT 2000

  A problem has recently occurred on our network. We are using an 
HP 9000 server running HP-UX 10.20 and Samba 1.9.17.p1. Until recently,
all our clients were Windows 95 PCs. We have been gradually replacing
the PCs with Windows NT 4.0 Workstations. Users of both NT workstations
and Windows 95 have started to complain that, at times, they can't
access drives mapped to the server. I noticed that there are times when
the server does not even show up in Network Neighborhood. Today, I can't
see the hpg50 server with Network Neighborhood. I was able to use
Windows Explorer to map a drive to the directories that are normally
accessed through Samba. 
  Any ideas? Where should I start looking?

Jim Sauerborn TMP Worldwide

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