Memory leak in 2.0.7?

H.-P. Ermert ermert at
Fri Aug 11 08:15:42 GMT 2000

Hello Bill,

One of our customers told us, that samba-2.0.7 processes on Solaris 2.6
are eating up existing memory gradually. But it did not start
immediately after the upgrade from 2.0.5a to 2.0.7 and the Server is
running file and print services for about 80 concurrent users
(Windows-NT 4.0 in a domain, WinCenter standalone). 
In the current situation we will probably have to stop and restart samba
once a week to avoid severe problems. 
It is the smbd father process that is using more and more memory (abt.
20 MB) and child processes inherit the memory usage .
There are 3 different samba-configurations running (compiled for 3
different installation locations) serving 3 different IP-Adresses on the
same machine.

Is there anybody else having the same problem? And a patch?


"William R. Knox" wrote:
> I have been experiencing a problem here after having upgraded last week
> to 2.0.7 (from 2.0.4b) on Solaris 2.6. The smbd processes are growing in
> size until they are taking over the system. I just had to stop and start
> samba on a system that had smbd processes of 26 M, 24 M of which was
> resident in memory for most of the processes. After stopping and
> starting again, the processes are back down in size to a more normal
> 6200 K, of which an average of 4000 K or so is resident.
> The servers on which samba is running are print servers which handle
> about 4000-5000 jobs a day, the vast majority of which are initiated via
> samba connections, so smbd is constantly forking off processes. Is this,
> as it seems to me, likely a memory leak?
> I'd be happy to provide any additional details if anyone thinks that
> would help. Is this a known issue?
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