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Mike Bostock mike at
Thu Aug 10 23:29:12 GMT 2000

At the moment I run a peer to peer networked database package using
Linux/Samba as my PDC/Fileserver.  I am the only person using this package
whilst (at my own instigation) keeping the data files on a Samba share,
which has sparked some interest from this (essentially Microsoft based)
software company

I am investigating Linux alternatives for the next stage which is a SQL
server (currently Microsoft) whilst maintaining cross-platform
compatibility.  In other words the company wants to have it on a NT/SQL
combination, I want it on a Linux/SQL setup.

Can anyone make and justify any recommendations for which SQL server
which, under Linux, will provide an easy transition from M$SQL server and
clones that I can put forward to this company as a viable Linux

I appreciate that this is not a Samba related question, but perceive that
necessary expertise may exist in this forum (having been a member for
while). Answers by personal email may be more appropriate.  Thanks for
your help.
Mike Bostock
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