"remote announce": system broadcast addresses can't differ still?

Burt jameson at monumental.com
Thu Aug 10 16:09:46 GMT 2000

We have 4 class C networks,
I see IP addresses from all 4 classes thru tcpdump.
Some of these computers broadcast as C-class computers; eg, to
Some broadcast to
Of course, several C class networks would induce me to use a
B-class broadcast,
This works for the computers I work with!
Unfortunately, I don't exactly have permission to change their broadcast
addresses, though the computers with which I wish to use Samba use
C-class broadcast addresses like
So, I tried
   remote announce =
With this, network-neighborhood on the Windows 98 boxes show a 
terminal icon with "Olkin" on its right.
This reflects Olkin which is my Linux box running Samba.
However, clicking on the "olkin" icon produces
  \\Olkin is not accessible
  The computer or share could not be found.

So, my Samba server appears to make itself known to the Windows 98
computers, but they can not communicate back to the Samba server.
However, since my Samba server computer's IP address is
then computers, using broadcast address,
with the following IP addresses can access my Samba server,

Should these computers from all four C-class computers be able to 
access my Samba server when "remote announce" is set as above?
Why can't the non 199.129.208.* computers access my 
Samba server?

Thru tcpcump, I see these other broadcast addresses like coming from the Windows 98 computers,
but Samba apparently isn't responding to them.
For example, when clicking the Windows 98
computer's "Olkin" button, I see on my Linux computer's [Olkin] tcpdump
from [Windows 98 computer] to 
   Name query NB OLKIN
But the Windows 98 computer still produces the error message,
  \\Olkin is not accessible
So, for some reason Samba on my Linux computer does not respond 
to the request.

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