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Thu Aug 10 05:13:23 GMT 2000

What I understand of the commit changes in SWAT is to save the changes in
smb.conf.  But for the changes to take effect, u have to restart the services.

Right, Dave?!?



I think (in fact I'm quite sure) I have found the following bug in Swat.

In my configuration I use the global option "invalid users=@class".
When I set this option using SWAT, all works fine after "commit
Users who belong to the "class" group cannot access the server.

But when I erase this value using SWAT and do "commit changes",
SEEMS to be ok, but in fact these users still can't access the server.
Only when I restart the smb daemon (using SWAT, Status) everything is
really ok and users of the "class" group can access the server. But I do
not want to restart the smb daemon since this breaks all existing

Does anybody has any idea?
Can anyone of the Samba team confirm this issue or not?

Thanks alot,

Werner Maes

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