Problem : win2000(NT) and Samba 2.0.7

한승훈 ( Seung Hoon Han ) shhan at
Wed Aug 9 05:34:11 GMT 2000

I've installed samba 2.0.7 into a workstation operated by Solaris..
And a printer is connected to that machine..

All PCs under win 98/95 in my lab. can access the disks and the printer
of the workstation throungh
network... PCs under win 2000/NT, however, can access only the disks of
the workstation.
What is the reason why the PCs under win 2000/NT cannot access the
network printer connected to a workstation?

Note :  we have an HP laserjet 4000 PCL 6 printer.

error message :
      In visio :
          An error(607) occurred during the action print. There has been
an error queuing your print job.
      In netscape :
          Unable to start print job due to insufficient memory or
invalid printer specification.

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