samba runaway processes

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Tue Aug 8 13:58:57 GMT 2000

[This is a discussion that started earlier about automounter]

John Posenau wrote:
>     What I've found so far is that the windows client (any machine, roving
> profile) with this user's account authenticates in a samba domain on machine
> A. His files are located on  machine B (not running Samba). Machine A
> automount his nisplus_home. A little indirection but hey. 

	As always, mixing NFS and SMB is immensely useful,
	but sometimes drives you mad [It's what I'm using
	at work, to reduce load on the sysadmin team: we
	no longer have a large number of NT guru-level
	developers, so we can afford the performance hit]

>					After increasing the
> log level, it looks like when he works on an Office 2000 document it doesn't
> matter whether its word, excel or access, it appears that the oplocks do not
> always work correctly. I'll see multiple requests for breaks without a
> repsonse from the machine holding the lock.

	I'm CCing this to the samba at mailing list,
	as the team is watching out for incompatibilities
	with late-model MS products, including win2k and 

[paraphrase] The user in question often accesses the same
file from any one of a pool of machines, and it looks like
the hand-off from machine to machine isn't being dome cleanly.

	That makes me nervous... anyone know if this is likely
	to be an interaction with NFS???

> What I'm currently trying as of 10:00P.M. last night is to disable oplocks on
> that share. I think I can live with the performance hit if it solves the
> machine locking up problem.

	This is a good idea, especially if it's this user's
	private directory, so that other users still get oplocks.

	If it's [homes] instead, You might try adding 
		include = /opt/samba/lib/extra.%m
	to the homes share and and creating a extra.<the name of 
	the user> file  which contains "oplocks = no".

	That way only that particular user gets his oplocks turned off.

> While 
> I've got your attention is there a simple system way (Solaris) to kill all of
> a user's processes or do I just need to write a script?

	pkill will whack his normal processes, but for samba you
	may need to write a script that looks at smbstatus output
	to see which pid to kill.

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