a problem to compile...

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Tue Aug 8 11:33:08 GMT 2000

On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Peter Samuelson wrote:

> Yes!  The idea of distributing the necessary kernel headers with the
> applications that need them is one that Linus has been pushing for a
> long time now.  I.e. smbmount.tar.gz should have its own smb_fs.h,
> smb_mount.h, and so forth.

There is no smbmount.tar.gz, samba-2.0.8.tar.gz?
(or is 2.2.0 the next target)

> It doesn't matter; I'm not qualified to judge the implementation
> anyway.  smbfs totally confuses me: I've never figured out the tangle
> of smbmount, smbmnt and smbfs, and exactly which part does what -- much
> less actually looked beyond the surface to look at *how* any of it
> works.

I know you are not alone. I just did this:

I'm getting tired of trying to explain this to people that report problems
(there is nothing wrong with the people and their problems are genuine,
 I'm just sick of hearing me repeat myself).

Maybe some smbmount users on this list want to have a look and correct my
description. If someone wants to clean up the figure please do. One idea
would be to add a userspace program doing a syscall using smbfs, like a
readdir or open/read/write/close sequence.

And yes, the missing number 2 from the figure is intentional ... :)


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