SAMBA problem

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Aug 8 06:42:58 GMT 2000

[Michael Short/Towers Perrin <shortmi at>]
> [root at vmlnx001 /etc]# smbclient -L vmlnx001
> Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
> error connecting to (No buffer space available)
> Connection to vmlnx001 failed

Looks like socket(2) is failing with ENOBUFS.  This means just what it
says -- you have limited resources, or smbclient thinks you do.

Do other network client apps (like ftp) work?  If not, it isn't a Samba
problem; likely something to do with s390 networking (which I seem to
remember is rather complex, since it involves driving virtual devices,
just like a lot of the s390).

Probably nobody on this list has much experience with this rather young

I do have to say I like your machine name.  The compiled kernel image
file, "vmlinux", takes on a whole new meaning with the s390....


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