a problem to compile...

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Tue Aug 8 06:01:29 GMT 2000

[Urban Widmark <urban at svenskatest.se>]
> Unfortunately glibc depends on /usr/include/linux and
> /usr/include/asm to contain the "right" version of kernel
> headers. (Not sure what right is, most likely the version that was
> used when compiling the c library).

Yes indeed.  That's a running flamewar in Linux circles....  There are
lots of problems caused by using symlinks for /usr/include/linux et al,
and this is one of them.  Debian gets it right -- libc puts *no*
symlinks in /usr/include, just copies of the files it was compiled with
-- but I guess a lot of distributions still get it wrong....


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