smbmount shares not lasting

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at
Mon Aug 7 20:19:02 GMT 2000

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> On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > I've got a machine running RedHat Linux 6.2 on a P-II400 
> with 256MB of ram.
> > I'm mounting shares in the manner 'mount -t smbfs -o 
> uid=user,gid=group
> > //server/share /mount/point'.  The server is a genuine NT 4 
> server, with SP5
> > and a couple of hotfixes.  I mounted a couple of shares 
> yesterday, and
> > overnight the stopped working.  When accessing the share, I 
> get an error
> > message that says "ls: /mnt/gleblanc: Input/output error".  
> I don't see
> > anything in the logs as to why this is happening.  Got any 
> ideas?  Thanks,
> samba version? 2.0.7 should have the best smbmount, if you are using
> anything != 2.0.7 that is the most likely explanation. 
> Upgrade to 2.0.7.

Got 2.0.7, that broke other things (like the link to mount.smbfs), but it's
mostly working.  I actually upgraded to 2.0.7 in hopes of fixing a few

> If the server you are connected to goes down and someone 
> tries to access
> the smbfs mount while it is down, smbmount will terminate and 
> the mount
> will stop working. You may try this patch for that:

This server has been up since 7/15, I got disconnected over the weekend.

> It also tries to fix the logging so that smbmount should log 
> what it does
> (allow debug messages no matter how it is started). If you are using a
> default config you should get a log.smbmount where your samba logfiles
> live. If upgrading & patching doesn't work that log could be 
> helpful in
> finding out what happens.

Hmm, I'll try that patch, and see what it does.  Thanks,

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