Samba messing with PJL to printer

James Macnicol James.Macnicol at
Mon Aug 7 03:12:28 GMT 2000

	We have a Kyocera FS-3750 printer here that works fine from
Windoze (NT 4.0 and 98) clients if connected "directly" via the Windows
"LPR" interface but which spews out pages of garbage if spooled through
Samba 2.0.7 on a Solaris box.  What happens is the printer for some
reason thinks it is being sent text but the first few lines are really
PJL commands :

%-12345X at PJL JOB

	The printer is ignoring these commands when going through
Samba but works fine when the data goes directly to the printer
(leaving everything else the same) [note that in both cases the data
is going over the network].  I fear it might have something to do with
CR/LF processing.  Printing from Unix apps on the same box is okay,
but they don't send the PJL header anyway.

	Does anyone know how I can make this work from Samba.


James Macnicol
jamesm at

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