Net Watcher vs. SWAT

Aaron Yourk ayourk at
Fri Aug 4 13:11:20 GMT 2000

I'm not sure if you, the Samba team, is aware of this or not, but there is a
utility that has come packaged with Windows 95 & Win98 called Net Watcher.
This is Windows's way of managing remote and local shares/users connections.
I was wondering when/if you were planning on supporting this anytime in the
future.  It would make some of the management features easier to do with
such a server.  Part of allowing this Net Watcher utility to work involves
having a share called ADMIN$.  I've checked on some of the details of this
share and it appears to have a directory of C:\WINDOWS on Win98SE.  Not sure
what directory it is in any other version of Windows.  I'm assuming that it
goes C:\WINDOWS since it is part of the system directories and management of
the System Registry which manages the record of shares and user connections.
I'm assuming that with Samba, this would have to point to the location of
smb.conf on the Unix box and possibly have some involvement of a special 3rd
daemon that could kill off the other SMBd share processes as well as make
modifications to the smb.conf file.

If you want more information about this utility, check out:  Start ->
Programs -> System Tools -> Net Watcher and go into the Help on any Win9x
If it is not installed, it can be installed through Add/Remove Programs ->
Windows Setup -> System Tools.

It is my understanding that there are a total of 3 ports allocated for SMB
shares.  From what I understand, you use only 2 of them.  I'm guessing that
this Net Watcher program uses the 3rd one and possibly some combination of
the other two.

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