Samba Password Encryption problem, please help.

Sikari, Mathias W IMCEAX400-c=AU+3Ba=telememo+3Bp=bhp+3Bo=bhp+3Bs=Sikari+3Bg=Mathias+3Bi=W+3B at
Fri Aug 4 00:09:13 GMT 2000

Hello Samba Team, 

I have just upgraded our Samba version from 2.0.5a to 2.0.7 on DGUX, and implemented the password encryption on Samba 2.0.7. 

During the changeover, I configured the following smb.conf parameters to allow the smbpasswd file to be updated from plaintext passwords from users: 

security = user 
encrypt passwords = no 
update encrypted = yes 

I intend to use these settings until all users have their passwords updated in the smbpasswd file. 

All Win95 users installed the Security patch to enable password encryption over the network. 
A few Win95 users and a Win98 user could not establish a connection with the Samba Server on DGUX Unix. These users were able to successfully make connections using the plaintext passwords before the upgrade (ie. on version 2.0.5a). 

Could you advise any other additional steps I need to take to troubleshoot these unsuccessful connections, please. 

I would appreciate your help very much. 


Mathias Sikari 
Unix Adminstrator 
Ok Tedi Mining Limited, Papua New Guinea.
e-mail: sikari.mathias.w at


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