SMB on VxWorks.: Urgent

Amit Singhania Amit.Singhania at
Fri Aug 4 02:31:32 GMT 2000

>    I am desparately looking for a SMB on VXworks utility for file sharing
>on our Real Time VxWorks based  systems.  Can anyone tell me if such an
>utility exists and where to find it?
>    One more problem is that Samba is based on SMB  over NETBIOS on TCP/IP.
>But the standard TCP/IP suite of VxWorks does not include NETBIOS. Can SMB
>be hosted directly over TCP/IP? Also will it work with the other client
>systems without changing anything on the other end?
>     Also can any existing Samba implmentation be ported on to VxWorks if
>has not been done already?
>Thanks and Regards
>Amit Singhania
>Grass Valley Group

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