'network neighbourhood'..

Ted Gervais ve1drg at fox.nstn.ca
Thu Aug 3 14:39:58 GMT 2000

I am finally making some progress with Samba. Its been a while but finally 
I see the light.
I have a question. First of all, here is where I am at. I can use smbclient 
and access all the shares on my Windows machine.
And I can map all the drives that are shared on my linux machine. In other 
words everything is working between my two machines.
Now, here is the problem. In 'network neighbourhood', I click on that and I 
see the icon for my samba installtion but when I click on that
I see NO shares on my linux machine. I used to iin a previous installation 
so I know this is possible. What am I missing for this information
to be missing.

I am so close to having everthing perfect, I would like to see this going too..


Ted Gervais
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia Canada.

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