version to Irix 6.5

Mac dmccann at
Thu Aug 3 08:11:55 GMT 2000

>My name is Angelica Nunes and I work at TV Globo Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. 
>I need some help about the SAMBA software. 
>Our system is based on Silicon Graphics' machines, models: Indy, Impact, 
>Onyx and Indigo using Operational System Irix 6.2, 6.3 or 6.4. We must
>upgrade all these systems to Irix 6.5 version. We would like to know which
>samba version is compatible with Irix 6.5?

We use Samba on our Silicon Graphics machines (Indigo, Origin2000,
Challenge L) with IRIX 6.5 without problems.

Currently I'm using version 1.9.18p8, so any version after that whould
be fine.  I'd suggest using the highest version you can find (2.0.7)

>Where do I can download it?

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