smbmount errors

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Aug 2 18:08:55 GMT 2000

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Bojana Bjeljac wrote:

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> I have Samba 2.0.7 ( configured with "--with-smbwrapper" and "-smbmount"
> options ), running on RedHat 6.0 and I mount Win2000 shares with
> "smbmount \\server\share /mount -U userid%passwd".

Do you have the samba rpm installed too? If yes, then remove the rpm (or
the smbmount & smbmnt files from the rpm) to avoid running the wrong

> It works fine for some time, and then the shares get lost giving
> Input/Output errors in
> mounted directory.
> It seems like smbmount runs as a daemon after the command was being
> executed and times out causing I/O errors.

No, it's not really that it times out. smbmount is supposed to run as a
daemon. The server may terminate the connection (if it is rebooted or just
because it felt like it), smbfs will then tell smbmount to connect again.

For this to work smbmount must stay alive, if it doesn't you will start
seeing I/O errors when the connection needs to be re-established.

I assume that when it stops working smbmount has stopped running?

If you type 'dmesg' there should be some messages matching '*smb_*'

You can try this patch vs smbmount in 2.0.7. It may fix this "time
out" problem, but if it doesn't it allows you to safely run with debug

Debug output from when it runs as a daemon will be put where you normally
log samba things (/usr/local/samba/var/log.smbmount). If you don't run
smbmount as root you may need to check your permissions.


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