server is busy errors

Lee Howard faxguy at
Wed Aug 2 16:43:15 GMT 2000

/etc/hosts is fine, and everything should be resolvable there.  The
resolving is done by hosts first, then DNS... so I don't think this is the
problem in particular.

I do have more info, though... I don't think that the problem is specific
to samba, because when I try to ftp into it (locally, of course), I never
can get a logon prompt for as long as this same samba problem is occuring.
However, if I remove the default route, then all is happy.  Any ideas?

Lee Howard

At 07:41 AM 8/2/00 -0400, John Kuhn wrote:
>> First, and most disturbing, when the internet connection drops for some
>> reason (which I have tested with DSL and "wireless" LAN), the server
>> machine gives "busy" errors to the Windows clients.  When that internet
>> connection comes back on-line, then the busy errors go away.  Any clues as
>> to what this could be?
>if the message is "network is busy" it's more then likely because you don't
>have your /etc/hosts file setup.. I ran into this same problem and then I
>realized that samba was trying to resolve my cleints thru my internet
>connection before my lan... so setting up the file correctly will force it
>to resolve thru the lan first..
>make sense?
>John Kuhn

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