problems with w2k and samba PDC

James Nord teilo at
Wed Aug 2 13:58:58 GMT 2000

Samba 2.0.x can not act as a domain controler for win 2000 workstations.
Apparantly neither will 2.2.x

For samba to work as a domain controller you will need samba_tng which
is _alpha_ code and sometimes *very* broken. (it normally works better
on Linux than Solaris/sparc)

for more info on TNG see


"[A] dmin" wrote:
> I simply cannot join my domain controlled by a samba PDC (vers. 2.0 or the
> newest version 2.0.7) with w2k professional. If I try to join the domain a
> messagebox appears and claims that the particular domain doesn't exist
> (allthough I know it does!).
> If one examines the logfiles, it seems as if they don't understand
> themselves at all.

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	Douglas Adams

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