server is busy errors

Lee Howard faxguy at
Tue Aug 1 23:38:42 GMT 2000

I have samba running on an IP MASQ/forward system.  It serves as the
internet gateway for a small workgroup.  I'm having a couple of problems
that I'd like some help on if anybody can...

First, and most disturbing, when the internet connection drops for some
reason (which I have tested with DSL and "wireless" LAN), the server
machine gives "busy" errors to the Windows clients.  When that internet
connection comes back on-line, then the busy errors go away.  Any clues as
to what this could be?

Secondly, Quickbooks files are handled very slowly.  I think that this has
to do with the frequent opening and closing that is done by Quickbooks on
its shared data files.  It goes *much* faster on Win98 shares rather than
samba shares.  Any ideas?


Lee Howard

Also, I don't seem to be getting any list e-mail any more... how do I

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