Follow-Up to my Solaris->NT issue (was: Samba Solaris->NT connection problem)

John J. Wood jwood at
Fri Apr 28 21:49:35 GMT 2000

Hello again, folks!

There is one thing I neglected to mention on the
Solaris->NT connection issue I posted earlier today, and
which I believe is the source of the problem.

Two days ago, I "inherited" a NT server which I now use
as my workstation.  I physically moved that NT server from
one place to the other (i.e., unplugging all the
cabling -- power, Ethernet, etc.) so that I can
be on it at all times like I am now.

However, prior to that, I did not learn until just now
(file under, "Now you tell me";-) that this NT box
likely served as the fileserver/master domain of
our workgroup.  Since moving that NT box, that is
when I believe we lost our samba connections to the
Solaris boxes.

Please note that my background is primarily Solaris
& Digital UNIX, with a fairly light background in
NT (more as a user than an admin; you won't mistake
me for a MCSE).

So...would the problem be in this case the master domain
browser of the NT side? To those NT experts, if you
have any idea, please email me at jwood at
Again, I thank you in advance.

				John Wood
				UNIX System Administrator
				WebOnTap, Inc.
				Newton, MA
				jwood at

PS - Thank you to Michael Kohne for his email
       response to my original inquiry.


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