Samba Solaris->NT connection problem

John J. Wood jwood at
Fri Apr 28 16:33:40 GMT 2000

    Hello!  I am new to the samba list, and am fairly new
    to samba (less than 4 months).  I have an interesting
    samba problem that has me up against a wall at
    the moment.

    We have a handful of Solaris (2.7) boxes and a handful of
    NT boxes attached to a hub.  We have samba installed
    on four of the Solaris boxes so that we can easily access
    them from the NT boxes without having to map the drives.
    Up until yesterday afternoon, everything had worked just fine.

    A couple of the NT boxes (physically located in
    another room) lost access to the other NT boxes
    and the Solaris boxes.  All the network & LAN settings
    appear to be sound (and were unchanged prior).  All
    the NT boxes now cannot see any of the Solaris boxes
    unless I map the drives.

    All the unix boxes can "see" (ssh, ftp, etc.) the
    NT boxes and vice versa, and I'm able to map drives
    from the Solaris boxes on most of the NT boxes
    with no problem.  I've also ran several of the tests
    according to the Diagnosing Samba page, and I
    received "System error 53 has occurred" when running
    "net use" from a given NT box.

    I've tried shutting down & restarting samba on
    a few of the Solaris boxes, but NT still cannot
    "see" them (unless I map a drive).  I've
    tried rebooting one of the NT boxes, but still
    no change:  Same case with one of the Solaris
    boxes (including starting up samba).

    I haven't tried to reinstall Samba yet because I
    would find it hard to believe that four boxes
    suddenly "lost" their connection.  The hub appears
    to be running, with no bad ports I know of.

    One other note:  We experienced a power outage over
    the weekend where all boxes wound up being rebooted
    (yes, I know...get a UPS!;-), but connnections were
    restored, so I don't believe we have a hardware issue.

    Anyone have any ideas? If so, please email me at
    jwood at  I kindly thank you in advance.

				John J.Wood
				UNIX System Administrator
				WebOnTap, Inc.
				Newton, MA
				jwood at

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