Problems setting up Samba (nmbd) as multi-subnet router

Jochen Dolze dolze at
Fri Apr 28 07:45:09 GMT 2000


i have a network with one machine acting as master router with
2x4-Port-Ethernet-Cards in it - running nmbd!

There are two Windows-Workgroups, WRK1 and WRK2 in each there are
Windows-Exchange-Servers EX1, EX2. In WRK2 the PDC is on EX2, in WRK1 there
is a standalone PDC, PDC1.

Every network is a full 255 IP-Network.  WRK1 EX1 ( PDC1 (  WRK1 Other Servers  WRK2 EX2/PDC2 ( Clients  WRK1 Other Servers  WRK1 Clients  WRK1 Other Servers  WRK1 Other Servers  WRK1 Other Servers

On the Router, i have assigned IP 192.168.x.1 to the ethernet cards.

Now, how can i setup browsing correctly thru all this machines? Is a PDC a
WINS? - Which Address should i register in the Servers for WRK1 as WINS -
PDC1 or EX1 ?? I have only one password server - entry in smb.conf, must i
use PDC1 PDC2 for that - and which Workgroup?? - Is it possible to give out
different Workgroups for different interfaces??
One server must run with NetBEUI - is this bad?

Can i get info from the Window-machines, why they don't want to do things?
(Like finding PDC's??)

I already made a configuration, where i can access all machines, but i
cannot browse thru the "network neighboorhood" - path not found is the
message i always get... - and if i change things, than i can browse thru the
"network neighboorhood" but then it says "cannot find PDC" ... ;(

Thanx for any help



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