Browsing Win98 shares from NT on a Samba-controlled domain

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Thu Apr 27 23:45:43 GMT 2000

I am running a small network consisting of a few Win98 machines, 2 NT
(SP6) machines and a Samba 2.0.6 PDC. I am using domain logons, and
everything is working fine.

However, when I try to list the shares on a Win98 box fron an NT machine,
having logged on with a domain-authenticated account, the Win98 boxes
return an "Access Denied" error. If I do the same with a local account on
the NT computer, everything works fine. Also, I can map the Win98 box's
shares and read/write to them with any account, I just can't list them
unless the account is local to the NT machine.

Using smbtcpdump has led me to believe that Win98 rejects the
authentication presented by NT when trying to browse the shares, but I
have never seen anything like this. Both NT and Win98 are using domain
logons on the Samba PDC, so Win98 should allow the NT boxes to list it's
shares, or am I mistaken ?

Nuno Subtil
nsubtil at

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