VSS and case sensitivity.

Leonid Massarsky leonidm at interworld.com
Thu Apr 27 23:42:37 GMT 2000


I have a bit of the strange problem. Our developers use MS VSS to check
in/out files to or from Solaris drives mapped through samba. When they 
"set current working directory" to a mapped Solaris drives VSS doesn't
recognize files named with uppercase letters converting them into lower
case. As a result VSS denies permission to change these files.
Looking at the same files in Windows NT explorer shows correct casing all
the time. I personally think that this is a problem on VSS side, but just
want to check it someone has reported something similar.
I am using samba v. 2.0.6

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Leonid Massarskiy
UNIX SysAdmin
Interworld, Inc.

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