Samba 2.0.6 Compilation Warning under Solaris 7

dlynde at dlynde at
Thu Apr 27 17:33:50 GMT 2000

dlynde wrote:
>I am trying to install Samba 2.0.6 under Solaris 7 (latest Sun-recommended
>patches applied) using the GNU C compiler "gcc version 2.95.1 19990816
>(release)".  It seems strange to me that there is a compilation warning
>because the purpose of the wrapper for which the compilation warning is
>issued is to make sure typing and results are correct.

The problem is in the Samba configure script.  When the gcc compiler is being
used under Solaris 2.6 or 7, the type of LFS is explicitly set.  Since I am
using a later version of gcc (2.95), the test is not doing the correct thing.
The solution is to modify "configure" before running it as follows:

# Defines needed for Solaris 2.6/2.7 aka 7.0 to make it admit
# to the existance of large files..
# Note that -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE is different from the Sun
# recommendations on large file support, however it makes the
# compile work using gcc 2.7 and 2.8, whereas using the Sun
# recommendation makes the compile fail on gcc2.7. JRA.

  case "$ac_cv_gcc_compiler_version_number" in
          *"gcc version 2.6"*|*"gcc version2.7"*)

  case "$ac_cv_gcc_compiler_version_number" in
          *"gcc version 2.6"*|*"gcc version2.7"*|*"gcc version 2.95"*)

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