SUM: After upgrade to 2.0.6, Win98 users can't connect to Samba shares

Colin Brooks cbrooks at
Thu Apr 27 17:37:58 GMT 2000

Hi everybody -
	Yesterday, I said that my Windows 98 & 95 computers couldn't connect to my 
Samba shares after upgrading from version 1.9.16p9 to 2.0.6, while my NT 
4.0 (SP4 & SP6) computers could, even though I had the same user names & 
passwords on all the machines (UNIX, Win'9x, NT).
	I re-read the "What's New in Samba 2.0.6" document this morning, and found 
the section called "NOTE:  Some important option defaults changed."  This 
said that if I had no "security= " line in the [global] section of my 
current smb.conf file, then I needed to add a line 
saying:  "security=share" to get exactly the same behavior with the Samba 
2.0 that I was getting with the old version of Samba.
	I added this line to my system, and now all my Windows computers can 
access the machine.  In addition, users now connect to the read-only share 
as "guest", but connect to the read/write share with their username.  So 
now everything is fine again.
	It helps when I read the documentation!


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