smbmount - what permissions? (again)

Jacques Landru landru at
Thu Apr 27 16:17:15 GMT 2000


>I am trying to give some users on a Linux machine the ability to mount 
>shares from an NT server. Eventually I would like them to be able to do 
>this with a gui tool like LinNeighborhood, but for now I am trying to 
>get the smbmount command working. 
>I can mount the shares while logged in as root, but when I try logged in 
>as the user, I get an cannot mount on /mnt/userdir: Operation Not 
>Permitted error. The user has RWX permission to the /mnt/userdir 
>directory and can otherwise manipulate files there. I am using: 
>smbmount //servername/sharename /mnt/userdir -U username 
>As I said, this works if I log in as root and use any of the usernames 
>I've set up. This is smbmount 2.05a. What permissions do these users 
>need to mount the network share? 
>Parker Dubberke 
>Network Administrator 
>501 Studios 
>Austin, Texas 

Same for me.
My linux kernel is 2.2.14 (Mandrake V 7.0)
Personal user disk space (for NT or LINUX) is on  a SAN 
(Storage Area Network),  the front end server of this SAN is
an NT server. What I plan to do is to "smbmount" the home 
dir of  the linux accounts from a SMB share on the SAN.
Untill now smbmount doesn't work for non root user.

Error message is :
      cannot mount on /mnt/smb_share: Operation not permitted
      smbmnt failed: 1
      mount.smbfs: ioctl failed, res=-1
      Could not umount /mnt/smb_share: Invalid argument   

smbmount, smbmnt have SUID bit 
What permission is missing ? 

Any help


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