Samba 2.0.7 configure-script disfunction.

Janne Johansson jj at
Thu Apr 27 14:42:48 GMT 2000

If I do this on a Solaris 8, x86:

tar xzf samba-2.0.7.tar.gz
cd samba-2.0.7
mkdir OBJ/somedir
cd OBJ/somedir
../../configure --prefix=/usr/someplace
and then:

it doesn't mkdir "bin" for me, making it compile all
the way until it is about to link bin/smbd.

The linker gives me a message about not being able to find
"bin/smbd" which is kind of misleading. 8-(

Anyway, doing a quick "mkdir bin" and restarting the
make again solved the problems. I guess the Makefile
should do this somewhere.

PS. Why only -O for optimization in gcc? Everyone else
    seems to use -O2..

Allt är under kontroll, och Caps lock är bredvid. 

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