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I am running Samba 2.0.6 and am having a problem printing...

I have attatched my smb.conf file..

When I run:
lpr -Phpdj filename
from the linux box, it prints...

When i run testprns, it reports that hpdj is a valid printer in

However, when I print from Windows, over the samba, the files appear in /tmp
(and stay there..), but the printer doesn't do anything, and nothing seems
to appear in the queue...

Any ideas??

I am currently using LPRing, but I have heard PDQ is better....
Does PDQ work with Samba??
What is everyone using to print with Samba (and from Linux)??
Is anyone else using:
* a HP Deskjet 690C (or even HP Deskjet 6XX)
* a Brother HL-1050 Laser
..that could provide me with config files???


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