User Access Control (samba 2.0.7)

Jaap van Milgen jaap at
Thu Apr 27 08:06:10 GMT 2000

In  '\samba\docs\textdocs\Recent-FAQs.txt', the following question was

> In windows when i set up a share in "user mode" i get the message:
>  "You cannot view the list of users at this time. Please try again later."
> I know you have lists of users for access and aliasing purposes, but i
> have read nothing to support the idea that these lists control the Domain
> Users List...

The response to that question dates to a previous era of samba

In 2.0.7, I also get the "you cannot view ..." response when I share
something in user mode (using Win9x) and I assume that this function has not
yet been implemented in samba. What's the current status on this issue (TNG,


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