passwords for NT and AIX

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Apr 27 06:12:15 GMT 2000

[Jane Douglas]
>    unix password sync = yes
>    passwd chat = *New*password %n\n *new*password* %n\n
>    passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u

Last I checked, and I admit this was years ago, Samba did not support
the `passwd chat' option under AIX.  If I remember correctly, it would
be a simple matter of some glue code for AIX master/slave pty's, which
seem to be quite similar to Unix98 pty's but not quite identical
(i.e. the master device is /dev/ptc instead of /dev/ptmx, not sure if
that's the only difference or not) and of course the autoconf gunk to
go with.  I started writing such a patch once but gave it up since,
concluding that for the effort I was putting in, we don't really need
passwd sync around here anyway.  To me, the Unix tty layer is a twisty
maze of passages, all different.


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