Rapid transfers cause kernel panic

Pazdnikov Alexander hunter at acmep.ustu.ru
Thu Apr 27 05:06:20 GMT 2000

Hello, Gentlemans!
  I've a similar problem with a second server running
Linux. It has four Net Cards Realteks 8139AS 10/100Mbps.
One cards operates in 100Mbps mode (Servers Network) and
others in 10Mbps mode.
  When a huge amount of information pass through a card
operating in 10Mbps mode, a soft restart of the interface
needed (e.g. a card don't work at all, no transfer operations
can be permited)

for example: if-down eth0 ; if-up eth0 

After this the interface work fine until a next overflow.
There was a kernel 2.0.36 . I've downloaded a new driver
for it and the problem disappered. Think, it would be
useful to download the latest driver.

  Maybe I didn't understand Yours problem completly, but
my native language is Russian.

  Hope, this would make a little help to You!



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