samba-2.0.6-2.0.7.diffs fails

Tormod Volden tormod.volden at
Wed Apr 26 13:29:35 GMT 2000

I try to upgrade my 2.0.6 source using the patch file.
It fails after smbclient.1.html and asks me to enter filename.
I tried with smbd.8.html (which might be wrong, because that
file comes a litte later) and it continued.
Eventually it stops at ch06_01.html:
malformed patch at line 19346: ation file, and restricting access to [...]

I have tried reversing the patches and trying again. I am using
solaris 2.6 and GNU patch 2.1 . This worked fine through the 1.9.x patches.
I really think there is a problem with this patch file.

Tormod Volden

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