Use of SAMBA with Rational Clearcase

Bernhard Riegel (sdm) Bernhard.Riegel at
Wed Apr 26 06:28:52 GMT 2000

Hi Paul,

we are using ClearCase and Samba since more than 1 year in a software
development project without major problems.

We are using the following setup:
ClearCase Server ( version 3.2.1) on Solaris 2.6. ClearCase Clients on
WindowsNT4.0, which have access to the Server via Samba. We are also
accessing ClearCase Views via Samba from Linux (SuSE6.3). 

There are nevertheless some strange things, from which we don't know, if
they are caused by ClearCase or by Samba, as I wrote in a previous mail:

> Sometimes the checkout of files from a clearcase NT-client hangs and
> probably causes clearcase to destroy the viewstore. In the samba logfile
> of that client I found the following message:

> [2000/02/17 09:29:49, 0] smbd/nttrans.c:call_nt_transact_ioctl(2401)
>   call_nt_transact_ioctl: Currently not implemented.

> Does this mean, that a service required from clearcase is not
> implemented?
> Is there a workaround or bugfix?

Unfortunately we did not get any information on that subject from a
mailing list participant.

If You need further information on the smb.conf file, feel free to
contact me.

 Dr. Bernhard Riegel                mailto:bernhard.riegel at

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