Passwords on shares?

Steve Salazar esalazar at
Tue Apr 25 23:46:39 GMT 2000

I want my home directory to appear on the samba network but require a
password to unlock.  Here we don't log in and out of different windoze
computers so a roving home isn't really what I wan't.  I wan't anyone on
the samba network to be able to access the share if they have the
passsword. I have added myself to the samba users list with the same
password I use to log into the linux box where the share is, but whenever
I try to connect to the share I ALWAYS get a password incorrect message.

Here is the share in smb.conf

[Steve's Home]
	comment = **Locked**
	path = /home/esalazar/
	username = esalazar
	read only = No
	user only = Yes

I tried a few different combinations but nothing works.  All the other
shares I have used before were guest ok so I haven't run into this problem

Any help would be great.

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