Win98 command line vs. long filenames

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Tue Apr 25 19:08:58 GMT 2000

Have you looked at the "case" options such as "preserve case", "short
preserve case" and "default case"?

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>    I just cranked up Samba 2.0.6 on NetBSD-sun3 1.4. The clients are
> Windows 98 (non-SE). I have had experience with earlier versions of Samba,
> so I was able to get 2.0.6 up and running without great difficulty. I
> exported a directory and was able to mount it on my Win98 machines fine.
>    Using Explorer, everything looked like I expected it to: files were
> listed with their full names and I was able to create files with long
> However, when I popped up a command line, DIR did not show the long names

Setting an 'fstype' parameter (other than 'NTFS') in smb.conf can cause
this. :(

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