solaris and different users

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Tue Apr 25 17:00:27 GMT 2000

Christina Braun wrote:

> we habe a problem with samba 2.0.5a - 2.0.6 with solaris2.7 on a
> Sun Enterprise450.
> We can't connect to the home-dir on the samba-server, when the username is not
> equal the name of the local user on the win NT4.0/Win95/98 , when we make a
> login  on the pc.
> We need this function. In Your mailing-lists I habe seen mails with similar
> problems, but no solution. Our old samba-version on a sparc20, solaris 2.51,
> with the same smb.conf make this connections. We habe tried variations with the
> smb.conf and compiling, but every time the same effect.

This is a common problem. The solution is to set up a
"username map" file. Please see the documentation on
this parameter.

I am CC:ing this reply to the main Samba list as this
is where such questions usually get answered quickly
(and not usually be me :-).


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