Important Questions, Advice Needed!!!

werner maes werner.maes at
Tue Apr 25 13:01:46 GMT 2000


We're looking at implementing Samba in our PC-rooms (500 PC's).
I have set up an Samba authentication server (with 20.000 students) and
Samba server with several shares.

These questions still rise:

* A student can only have access to one computer. He should not be able
to login
  on a second computer with the same account. Up till now I wasn't able
to realise
  this, it's still possible for someone to login on several pc's with
the same account. There
  is no option in Samba like 'number of logins = '. Does anyone know of
another way to
  realise this?

* Our pc-rooms are being maintained by operators. Sometimes they need to
  the samba-configuration (for special sessions). The problem is that
when they would
  like to use SWAT, they need the root account of the server. And that's
something that
  I don't want to give away. Does anyone know whether it's possible to
use SWAT with
  a user account instead of the root account? I've tried several things
(changing toe owner and group
  permissions), but when I want  to stop/start the daemons I get  "must
have uid 0".

Any information would be appreciated (I prefer mail),

Kind regards,

Werner Maes

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