access under unix

Etzel Rudolf rudolf.etzel at
Tue Apr 25 12:19:29 GMT 2000


I'm not a very experienced Samba user.  Now I have the following problem:

I have implemented a document management system (with version control tool
ClearCase)  running under Unix. 

All the  NT-users are also available under unix with the same name. The
directories containing the documents are exported via Samba.

For accessing the documents from a WEB-browser running on NT and for
providing the correct (Unix) access rights, a WEB-application uses links of
the following form:


	nmdoc: the samba server
	webdoc: the exported share

The only thing I've forgotten is, that there are also users running their
WEB-browsers under Unix (Linux, HP-UX, SUN-OS). My question therefore, is it
possible to provide them the same links as under NT ? Do Samba provide only
the possibility to export to NT or also to Unix ?

Best regards



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