SAMBA COnfiguration file

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Sun Apr 23 22:11:19 GMT 2000

Hi Wenzhi,
	This question would be best answered on the samba list ( I am 
cc'ing a copy now ) Its not a binary dependant question, otherwise I 
would have answered it promptly. Sorry for brushing you off, I just 
dont have the time to help you. I am sure someone on the samba list 
will be more than happy to lend you a hand.

Brian Roberson
brian at 

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> Hi Brian,
> I downloaded the binariy file for Intel Solaris 7.  I don't need 
> support here.  After unzipped the file and made the necessary change 
> smb.conf file, I kept having problem while accessing from NT (error
> message is:  Incorrect password or unknown username for MyComputer).  
If I
> set the security to server and provide the appropriate password server
> name, then I don't have any problem.  But I plan to use this machine 
in an
> environment that don't have a server for password.  Can you tell me 
> should change should I make in smb.conf in order to be able to access 
> machine with SAMBA installed without a server for password?  Also, 
can you
> tell me what change I need to make in the pass?  Sample smb.conf is
> enclosed here.
> Thanks a lot for you help.  I will try to get a Pizza vouchers next 
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