syncing browse lists - it doesn't!

Ed Schernau ed at
Sat Apr 22 13:36:17 GMT 2000

I have 3 domains, A & B on 1 IP subnet, and the C is spread
across 2 subnets.  Samba is running on the Linux box
that routes the 2 subnets for domain C.  Its joined up
to the C domain, and is in the C workgroup.  Its also the
WINS server, and local master (but not Domain Master,
the NT PDC has to be).  It serves WINS for all 3 domains.

Domain C (the one Samba lives in) shows in the browse list
for people in domain/workgroup C.  Domains A and B don't
appear, but from my understanding of how browsing works,
and from looking at the names registered to WINS, it should.

I want all 3 domains to be browseable.  How?


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