umount 'crashes' after smbmount i/o error

R. Bastiaans waxie at
Thu Apr 20 19:43:04 GMT 2000

Hi all,

The 'I/O error' subject has passed the mailinglist a few times now, but I
couldn't find a solution in the archives.
Here is what happened to me;

I mounted some windows 98 shares onto my Linux Slackware box.
After a while I got the (well-known) I/O error on the mounting point when
using ls or df.

Normally (it happened to me before) I could just umount or smbumount the
mount point.
But this time when I umounted the mount point, umount would "hang" or
"freeze". After logging out, and logging in again, doing the same again
(umounting) it froze again. After trying this several times, I figured that
I could not umount this share somehow (pretty clever heh), but I can't
understand why, and what to do against it.

And the most weird thing is that the umount processes which froze seem to
stay in the background and killing the processes will not work (kill /
killall -9 <pid>), which I have never seen before. Fact is now that I have
about 15 "[umount]" processes on my box which can't be killed. 
And my load is going insane (probably because of this):

  9:57pm  up 87 days,  6:03,  2 users,  load average: 10.00, 10.00, 9.93

If anyone has suggestions or sultions to this problem, it would be great.

Kind regards,

Ramon Bastiaans.

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