Problem accessing Samba shares from Interix shell

Mark Kop kop at
Thu Apr 20 01:21:48 GMT 2000

I have a Samba share mapped to the Z: drive on a NT4 client.
The Z: drive is browseable from explorer and cmd.exe, but not from an
Interix shell (csh or ksh).
However, Interix is able to browse all of the network drives which are being
shared from other NT4 machines.

When trying to change to the Z: drive from Interix, I get the message that
//Z is a directory.

The specific versions used are:

Samba 2.0.4b running on HP-UX 10.2
NT 4.0 workstation with SP4
Interix 2.2 with SP1 (

Any ideas?



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