Automatic Installation of Printer Drivers from Printer Share

Nicholas Waltham nwaltham at
Wed Apr 19 20:39:09 GMT 2000

Using Samba 2.0.6

Hi All,
 I have this working fine for Windows 95. I can double click on a printer share
and when prompted install the printer driver from the hidden share \\%h\printer$.
It says all over the notes that this will only work under Windows 95, and will
not work for Windows NT. However looking in the archives of this group, I can
see that some people report Windows NT working if they copy the entire contents
of a Windows NT printer server share on to their samba server. Well I did this, and
it works fine for Windows 95, but still doesn't work for Windows NT, it just seems
that the files are not available. So whats the latest take on this? Does it work with
NT? What's the secret of making it work if it does? (Incidentally this refers to quite a recent
driver for a HP 4050N).

Thanks in advance,
Nicholas Waltham

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