Samba upgrade failing

Ray Ellington ray at
Wed Apr 19 18:43:06 GMT 2000

Hello all,

I am trying to upgrade my RedHat Linux Samba installation from 2.0.3-8
to 2.0.6-11.
When I do a
rpm -Uvh samba-common-2.0.6-11.i386.rpm (which is needed before the
samba-2.0.6-11.i386.rpm I take it) I get the following error messages:

error: file /etc/smb.conf from install of samba-common-2.0.6-11
conflicts with file from package samba-2.0.3-8.

I get that message for about six files.

Yet if I try to first try
rpm -Uvh samba-2.0.6-11.i386.rpm I get the message:

samba-common = 2.0.6 is needed by samba-2.0.6-11

This is catch 22!  Do I need to uninstall the old version first?

Ray Ellington


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